How are Urquhart, Forbes and McKay’s same family?

Let’s first look at all the family countries all these tribes are in fairness pretty close by in real terms, so it’s not hard to find some proposition of all the families being pertained or connected

Both Urquhart and Forbes founder have attained they claim of them contending a boar swine so it’s unlikely both lineages would have the same fib for the founder unless the real truism were they are of the same genealogy, and both had the same founder.

You may now say to so how does Mckay play into this idea well simple-minded they wanted to induce themselves different to the other two families.

A historian as attained the assertion that Forbes and Mckay moved away over international disputes over the Gordons which does show us a connection between both lineages again and explain why they parted paths

All the tribes have admitted to having an Irish founder.

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A past Urquhart chef has stated before that Forbes, Mckays, and Urquharts are of the same stock even he has said that establishing you it’s true not some made up theory numerous plans could be used to territory were they left to me the most likely possibly a fight which the Forbes and Mckays have in the past for whatever reason Urquhart involvement has being left out maybe because they left for another reason such as they got digested or craved more dominate of the family projects such if you look into it Urquhart has hamlet announced Fort Augusts which is made up of mostly all Urquharts and is in the tribes home countries so does induce excellent ability for all being related to the family.

Historian Angus Mackay in his Book of Mackay( 1906) compares 2 different an officer of the Clan Mackay the first is by Sir Robert Gordon a 17 century Historian and the second is y Alexander Mackay of Blackcatle an 18 th to 19 Century Historian who had access to the history documents of the Mackays chief family which stated that Mackays and Forbes shared their own families tie and of Clan Farquharson. Forbes and Mackays were meant to have left the connection over a dispute involving the Gordon family, and Alexander Mackays Blackcastle Manuscript is by far the most accurate ones.

The Blackcastle realized the claims that Iye Mackay 1 ever chief of the faction Mackay was born in around 1210 and was heir of Malcolm Macheth 1st Earl of Ross who died about 1168 and Earl Ross may well have being relating to such early ruler of Mormaers of Moray according to Angus Macksy sometime in the 1160′ s and there helps about the conflict king Malcolm Iv of Scotland absconded northwards of the hills of Ross in Strathnaver were the latter are welcome by the Norse Harald Maddadsson was opponent of the sovereign in 1215 Kenneth Macheth was killed according to Angus Mackay it possible from that Stathnaver Mackays are pitched of them who could have to be the son or nephew of them according to Blackcastle and the second chief of the family was announced Iye Mor Mackay and marriage a daughter of Walter Bishop of Caithness in 1263

Can we picture any attest in Modern durations of them pertained?

Billy Urquhart was a notorious football player who represented for Ranger in Ranger hay epoch before they ran into the money problems and lost there football epithet a sad fib truly but we picture his player was amazing, and there is amazing, glorious football players announced Mckay in “the worlds” such as Billy Mckay sounds very similar does it not?

Forbes is basically the world good information house in “the worlds” to be fair, in order to be allowed to easy class them as a great business how does this compare to Urquhart’s or McKay’s?

Billy Urquhart himself sold his business to a notorious structure radical in the UK who do a lot of different things It was sold for over PS1million

Willie Mckay millionaire football agent now produced a farm hoping to turn it into the best stable farm in the North for mares in fairness to this guy he had hue profession biography and now wants to the amazing farmer.

Jacobite movement

Now let me submerge a theory most people have wrong the idea it was purely Scottish people who were Jacobites that is wrong there were English, Scottish, Wales, Irish, and some other countries beings as well so it was a full British struggle not one tribe as beings claimed before.

Which family’s in a relationship were Jacobites, Urquharts were, and Mckay was for some of them but some of was not included in the movement.

Forbes were not one I always thought was a bit strange.

What was the real point of this war?

To raise the right genealogy back to the British province it never happened and Stewart’s was ever put back into supremacy and the latter are Catholics it was in a way war of Christians vs Catholic and numerous beings still follow this idea very closely Orange humen are still large-hearted and a fair extent of the Jacobite line try and get the current Queen removed and Stewart put back. The suppose King was “ve called the” King of Orange who was Dutch born.