Sharjah Management

The government of Sharjah has planned to set up a brand-new industrial area in Al Saja. The brand-new industrial area will enable the small medium companies to set up their businesses. According to the Sharjah Assest Management, development projects will create millions of jobs opportunities in all categories.

” We are devoting DH385 million in development projects and it will create jobs opportunities from all sectors such as interpretation, strive, Human resource acquisition, auditors and general power control occupations ,” spoke Gregg Downer, Chief Real Estate Officer, Sharjah Asset Management.

The government of Sharjah currently focusing to support big medium enterprises and in the industrial area, the authority will provide cold storage and store equipment as well. About 58% industrial patches are sold out and construction sites of the websites has started. Darwish Engineering Emirates was gifted contract to build the infrastructure of the locate and by the end of this year, the engineering companionship will hand over the project to the Sharjah government.

According to Gregg, the brand-new industrial area will create jobs opportunities in thousands and the government am willing to make it fully operational following the completion of 2016. When requested information about which category of job will be on top involve, the chief officer said that initially there will be big involve of moves, watchman, loaders, locate designer and planner and around 2000 to 2500 occupations to be created for auditors and power managers.

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