Traditional cricket

Traditionally much stronger at home than abroad, the Indian squad has improved its overseas structure since the start of the 21 st century, prevailing Test competitions in Austrlia England, and South Africa South Africa. It has won the Cricket World cup twice- in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev and in 2011 under the captaincy of Mahendra singh Dhoni. After prevailing the 2011 World cup finals, India became simply the third squad after West Indies and Australia to have won the World cup finals more than once, and the first cricket team to acquire the World cup finals at home. It has won the 2007 ICC World Twenty2 0 and 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, under the captaincy of Dhoni. It was also the seam advocates of 2012 ICCChampions Trophy, along with.Sri Lanka

As of 20 December 2016, India is graded first in Exams, third in ODIs and second in Twenty2 0 internationals( T20Is) [ Virat Kohi} l is the current command of the team across all formats, while former Test captain Anil Kumble is the head instruct. The Indian cricket squad has struggles with other Test-playing nations, most notably with Pakistan, the political arch-rival of India. Nonetheless, in recent times, struggles with nations like Australia, England and South Africa have also gained prominence.

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